Thursday Thirteen #13 - A Lost Art

Thirteen Reasons I have lost my sense of humor

1. I lose everything. Have you seen my keys?
2. There is nothing funny about marriage unless it is someone else’s.
3. It was in my mind when I lost IT (i.e. my mind).
4. I thought I saw it last in my car (you should see my car).
5. Even worse, it might have been in the trunk.
6. I confused the humerOUS with the fibia and now I have an extra leg (I know, it makes its own joke).
7. I thought I was only allowed five so I opted for the sense of smell instead.
8. I was too distracted by spam to notice it was missing.
9. Today’s TV shows poisoned it out of me.
10. I have been reading all YOUR blogs and succumbed to peer pressure.
11. My dog ate it (my teachers never bought that one either).
12. I sold it to the Dutch for some beads.
13. It isn’t lost, just misplaced.

I am wondering if anyone got all thirteen of these. I kind of doubt it. This blog isn’t called “Psychosomatic Wit” nothing.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like you've lost it to me.
...and HEY! My blog is funny. it's own way...Read the archives, I was funnier when I was younger..... I love it when I can stick in plugs into other people's comments....

Cathy said...

Misplaced maybe, but it doesn't show from my viewpoint. Lost.. pfft hardly.

If you lost anything in my car, it would NEVER be found, it's like a trash can on wheels. Love number 6! That was extremely clever.

Anonymous said...

Eeeasy on OUR blogs! ;) You haven't lost a thing, Jeff... You've still got it in spades!

Tai said...

I have some you think the Dutch might want them?

Charles said...

I got most of 'em, but #6 flew over my head. #3 was hilarious, or at least that is what my mind is telling me. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hehe, indeed I don't think I got all of them, nice one though...

La Cremiere said...

What sense of humor? I think I forgot to buy one at the shop last time I was there, anyway, I probably could not afford it.

You're very funny, for someone who misplaced his humour.