When It Comes to Predictions, I am “King of the Hill.”

Normally, I don’t write in the blog on weekends. I have other things that demand my time then plus I usually want to take a break from thinking. However, today I must make an exception.

I have been doing rather well in the prediction department. I made a number of predictions for 2007 in this blog way back in January. I already reviewed this a little last month. However, something happened today that was so mind-numbing concerning the accuracy of my predictions, that it made me come out of my weekend repose, to write about it on a Sunday.

Two of these predictions will come to fruition on this very day; and another Thursday Thirteen post has influenced the future making it THREE blog references in all. Are you ready to be blown away? Here are the three:

Prediction #3 - A celebrity will convert to Christianity and will talk too much about it.

Prediction #7 - There will be a surge in video game playing among baby boomers - and there will surface one particular game that will usher these people in.

And From TT #12 “Rejected TT Topics”

Topic #8 – Thirteen Uses for Propane

This all comes to pass through tonight’s NEW “King of the Hill” show on Fox. Here is the synopses taken from the newspaper’s TV Preview magazine:

When Bill survives the root caving in over his bed, he immerses himself in church activities; Hank becomes addicted to a video game about propane.

It is nice to know that I so attuned to Fox animated television series. I am sure there is a market for it somewhere – in another universe, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Never found that show funny in the least. I'm more of a Simpsons/Futurma/Family Guy person, myself...

Anonymous said...

There's not a thing wrong with being attuned to a Fox animated series! ;)

Anonymous said...

Anne: KotH is an aquired taste. You have to be in the right kind of mood (and it helps to have experience with rednecks).

Holly: I guess there are worse things. I wouldn't want it to be my blog claim to fame, though.