The A, B, C's of Me

I got tagged by Ari, of all people. I say "of all people" because I didn't even know that she still read my blog. Come to think of it, I STILL don't know if she does. ;) At any rate, she tagged me with this li'l piece, and seein's how much I respect her, I must respond. You know the drill!

A-Available or Single? No, and no (psst! My wife may find this blog someday and I am already in enough trouble based on what I have written so far).

B-Best Friend? I think I would have to say Emily from "Two Right Hands" (Oops! I mean my wife, My Wife! MY WIFE!!!)

C-Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Pie? If I had to pick one, it would be the pie. Neither fit my "common sense" diet, however.

D-Dress Up or Casual (your typical attire)? Casual. Comfort is everything. Oh the vanity of some of you people!

E-Essential Item? My wedding ring! (See Honey, I'm on board!)

F-Favorite Color? It depends on the mood and the object. I like blue typically, but if I am thinking sports it is red.

G-Gummie Bears or Gummie Worms? I dont' really care for either but would pick bears if I must because I am a traditionalist.

H-Hobbies? Writing, Studying, and Fantasy Football

I-Indulgences? Sugar Free Pecan Flipovers, Satellite TV, and crustless pizza.

J-January or February? The real question is why is this a question? What's the difference? I guess it would be January because February is too short and I have left time to get my monthly reports together.

K-Kids? Probably. You can't guarantee what will happen. I hear they are good with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

L-Life is incomplete without . . .? Meaning.

M-Money or Love (unlimited choose only one)? Money!!! I already have love.

N-Night Owl or Morning Person? I guess of the two, I am a morning person (used to be a night owl). Truthfully, though, I hate both.

O-Oranges or Apples? Oranges. Just like dry turkey, I can't stand dry fruit. Give me juicy oranges, grapes, and peaches any day. But the best things ares pears by "Harry and David".

P-Phobias/Fears? I have clausterphobia and I am afraid to get trapped on the phone with my friend Randy. It sucks the life right out of me.

Q-Quote personally from you? "Most people are wrong." This is what I told (and he rembers well) my nephew when we went for a walk in the snow when he was ten years old. I still believe it is true and so does he. BTW - He just got married ten days ago.

R-Rock Star or Actor (which would you be)? Actor. It is in my blood.

S-Share something you learned recently. I learned that Al Gore's got some splainin' to do about his house.

T-Tag Three People. I hate to do this one, but Emily, Ann, and Stephanie.

U-Unknown or Little Known Fact About You? I carry a badge.

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Nice phrasing. That is as fair a question as "Do you still beat your wife?" At any rate, I am a carnivore. I challenge anyone to be a vegetarian after one day on the "Cabbage Soup Diet"!

W-Worst Habit or Habits? I'm a packrat. I have a hard time throwing anything away.

X-XXX's or OOO's? First of all, for the record, this is the worst excuse for an "X" question. That being stated, I guess I would say O. I can hug anyone but, kisses are a little too intimate to be handing them out wily nily.

Z-Zodiac Sign? Cancer. That is why I never started smoking.

After this, I might have to pass on this week's Thursday Thirteen. Who knows, though? I might get some great TT idea that can't wait. I do know that I have to submit to my other blog. My one reader is probably getting impatient. :)


Tai said...

I liked 'K'. May I suggest braised kale and chard topped with a light dressing?

Charles said...

I guess we like the same colors. Sky Blue is my fav.

In Rochester it gets colder in February. It may be the same for whoever created this (dare I say it) meme.

I think i'll pass on the cabbage soup diet.

Cathy said...

Good answers.. and funny. :P

I'm a packrat too unfortunately. I'm at the point of thinking I shouldn't be allowed to have flat surfaces either.. everything should have a slant to it. If it's flat, we are going to put something on it.

I hope you like doing these memes.. I just tagged you for another one if you get the chance and/or have the inclination to do it. :D

Emily Suess said...

Uhhh...your "best friend" would just like to add: it's Two WRITE Hands.

Jeff said...

Tai: Mmmm. . . sounds simply scrumptous. I get the wish bone!

Charles: Yeah, better pass the diet, but not to anyone you care about.

g-lady: I just saw the m-word thing you tagged me with. I will get to it. I did notice that you answered it in much of the same why I would - we share a lot of the same opinions. It will be interesting for me to try to make it interesting and not just a rerun. :)

Rite hands: LOL, hazardous labeling comes with the pun territory. Just take the compliment and give up your anality. :P

Emily Suess said...

Just for that, I'm not linking back to you on my most recent post.

Jeff said...

Too Write: It's on, now!!

Emily Suess said...

Well, Psycho, if it's on, I'm bringin' a can.

Here are a few more errors in your post:

...I have left time...
...the best things ares...

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening info! ...and, um, at the risk of making a complete fool of myself - because I'm sure you know more than one Stephanie - was that tag intended for me?

Anonymous said...

Two Write Hands: (waving white flag). It's off. I had no idea I was so sloppy. :(

Stephanie: Yeah, but did you use to answer to another blod ID? There was some confusion when I was accessing profiles and matching to blogs.

BTW - I felt the same way when Ari tagged me with it. But I am PRETTY confident she meant me (although I have noticed that she hadn't been here to comment lol).

Anonymous said...

Yes, when I deleted Various Miscellanous Ramblings and started Rem Rum, I also switched my user name from Epiphany11 to HollyGL. Sorry about that. I know it's confusing for everyone. ...I think that's what you're asking. If not, let me know.

Jeff said...

Stephanie: Rem Rum?? Oh yeah, I loved Nicholson in The Shining.

Seriously, yep - that was the confusion. I am glad that you officially cleared that up - and uh . . . don't do that again!! ;)

La Cremiere said...

Good ones. Out of curiosity, what kind of badge do you carry, that's usually a copper thing? Or maybe you're one, but then why would it be little known... hmmm you got me hooked.
For X, how about Xenophobe or fascinated? Mind you that's not very PC (politically correct) question. Ah forget it... :P

Lippy said...

LOL, the comment section was almost as good as the original post!

We have a lot in common. Is that a good thing?

Sayre said...

Wow - go off line for a week and the contest is on for my crown!

Loved your list, Jeff. I agree with you about the "X" question. Perhaps it should be "have you ever had an x-ray and if so, what part of you?"

Anonymous said...

la cremiere: I carry an investigor's badge. I'm not a cop (but I play one on TV. Don't worry, it is a big TV so I won't fall off).

Jimmy: Of course it is a good thing. Misery loves company unless you are depressed.

Sayre: Welcome back. Defend that crown! X-ray would certainly be better than what is there now.

Ari said...

Are you a Virgo? Just asking, because your answers sound just like something my son would say. He's very... structured and orderly. Does that make sense?

And yes, I do still read.