"Are you kidding me?" That is what I have been shouting all day. I feel like my new nickname ought to be "Oliver Douglas". Have you seen Green Acres? The whole town of Hooterville is very offbeat, and Oliver is the only one that makes any sense. However, because he is the ONLY one, he is the one out of place and everyone else shares the exact same process of insanity.

This is what happened to me last night. I was in the midst of a situation where educated and seemingly reasonable people were dwelling in a state of sheer madness. It was surreal. The look on my face would have been priceless if there was a pic. I was literally waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me that I have been punkt.

When I returned to the "real" world, my family and friends joined me in marveling at my experience. I was so grateful, because I thought I had lost my mind.

One of these days I will share all this cryptic stuff to my blog readers - if I have any by that time. If I were you, I would be sick of it by now.


Michelle said...

Oh please, I'm far too nosey and curious to get fed up with waiting to hear the whole story.

... pulling up a chair and getting out the pop up camping tent.. and marshmallows.

I can wait forever if I get toasted marshmallows. :-))

Until then - sending you prayers that your "crazy cryptic" storms blow over without leaving too much damage.

Anonymous said...

Did you swing by the company I work for last night? ...'cause you readily described how I feel on a daily basis M-F, 8-5.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Hmmm. Well, I like and get most of what you write and figure sometime you will write in more tangible terms to coincide with all this. But regardless, it's all good.

Charles said...

Scratching head? Someday soon I hope. I feel like that sometimes at work, but I end up calling it "twilight zone moments"

Chris said...

Can't wait to hear the details, but just remember....until you dish them out, we will be filling in the blanks with our own imaginations....bwahahahaha!

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