Just So You Know

Some things are on my mind today. Sometimes I would give my left arm to not have anything on my mind. The mind is a terrible thing to face.

My wife was originally supposed to be back last week. However, a few cross words and some conflict concerning our philosophies of life later, and PRESTO!; she put it off another week. The week is up tomorrow and if I am not in court, I will be at the airport waiting to pick her up.

* * * *

Speaking of court, I find out in an hour if I have jury duty. I guess there is never a good time for jury duty, but tomorrow surely isn't it if there ever is. I have never been on jury duty and I just don't feel like trying something new.

* * * *

My wife thinks it is a good idea if she quits her job and sells on Ebay full-time. I, on the other hand, do not share that view. Money is somewhat tight and I just can't see her giving up her good, full-time, M-F 8:00-5:00 job that others in her situation would kill for, in order to TRY to make a full-time go of Ebay. Her job is just too stressful to keep and still work on the marriage. Too bad most marriages break up because of finances. She hasn't factored that into her little scheme. You know why? She doesn't want to.

* * * *


* * * *

Someone came into my office today. He was pitiful, really. I knew right away that I couldn't help him, but I gave him my ear. He is four-time felon, not quite right in the head, and I couldn't really understand every word he said. He had that "meth-enunciation" thing going for him. He also had a bump on the top of his head that almost needed medical attention. Maybe he did get some earlier; the bleeding finally stopped. . He kept complaining that everyone gave him a hard time like he was less than human. He said that his friends were only his friends when he had a few dollars in his pocket.

We both agreed that his friends are probably not real friends. I dont' know if he was messed up today or if he had been messed up so many times that all was that was left of him was symptoms. I do know that he kept saying he wanted to get his life together. I pray that he can. We left it at us both agreeing that his doctor may give him some good perspective on things when he sees him tomorrow.

* * * *

Someone tagged me recently and I left feedback that I would get to it shortly. Only now I can't seem to find who tagged me and what the meme actually was. A little assistance, please.

* * * *

I want to thank Michelle from "Crow's Feet" for being my 5000th page load customer. To honor her, I will give her a whole post advertisement for her blog, unless she asks me not to. She isn't getting money, though, unless she can talk my wife into not quitting her job.

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That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by. Don't be strangers.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

I'm sorry. Finances are very difficult to deal with in a marriage. I was married to a very wealthy man and we fought because I felt he spent foolishly...who says if you have it, you have to spend it? Anyway, it wasnt the root of our problem but it was a problem.

I hate it when someone tags me and I cant remember who it was or what it was.

Chin up, friend.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I too, was tagged and couldn't remember by who...isn't that sad? I must be getting old.

Back to your post:

First: Did you find out about Jury Duty? Crazy. I have never known anyone who got picked for jury duty before. As neat as it sounds, I think it'd be a time consuming factor at a very inconvenint time in your personal life.

Second: to your wife selling full time on EBAY. She obviously thinks she can make money on this, so has she done it before? Does she have a friend who is successful at it? Or why does she think it'll work?

Monday - Friday jobs are stressful, although secure, most of the time. This is a very sticky situation, as it requires goodwill and sensitivity towards your wife, and sensibility and responsibility towards your financial situation.

Thinking of you,


(by the way, this link won't link back to me now, since I've switched URL's) Did I give you my new URL? If not, please add this one to your sidebar:


(new blog name is One Full House)


Jeff said...

Steppin': I wish I had YOUR financial problems then, instead of mine now. Of course, I just don't want mine at all, so . . .

Oh, I remembered who it was that tagged me. It was my dear friend, Loz! One problem down.

Mermaid Michelle: I am so glad to hear from you. I thought I might not be able to catch up with you after your ordeal. Nope, you didn't tell me of your new blog address; thanks for telling me now. I will get to the mechanics of it later.

AND, YES I have to report to jury duty tomorrow! Just my luck.

Jeff said...

Oh, and I forgot, Michelle. She has sold things before and she does have a knack of finding nice clothes and making a pretty good amount on ebay so it isn't unfound. It is just that it isn't secure and there are tax considerations and I just don't think we can make enough with it. It reminds me of Jack trading his milk cow for magic beans.

Loz said...

Hi Jeff
I think the tag came from me -

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Wait a minute Jeff... didn't Jack end up making the RIGHT choice with those magic beans?

I seem to remember his mother throwing them out the window in an angry fit, but then...they blossomed~

Food for thought


Sayre said...

Hey, man - I can't add much but just know that I'm thinking about you today and hoping that EVERYTHING goes well and works out for the best today. You know.. jury duty, wife, house...everything.

Jeff said...

Loz: Right you are, sir. I remembered shortly before you replied as you can see above. Thanks for caring enough to remind me, though. I still plan to do it.

Mermaid Michelle: I guess Jack made the "right" choice if "right" was going somewhere he wasn't invited, stealing something that didn't belong to him, and ultimately causing the demise of another human being - albeit a large one. ;)

Sayre: Thanks, friend. Jury duty went fine. They took the first six they questioned and the rest of us was sent home.

Michelle said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the free advertising.

I hate ebay, so it's kind of ironic you mentioned it and my name together. To me ebay's like the godzilla of shopping - eating up everything in its path. I don't trust them, but then I don't really trust anything that big and voracious.

Jeff said...

Michelle: You haven't received the advertising yet, but I am working on it. Ebay is kind of scary, but it has potential.