A Tale of Two Hairdos, Part II.

A while back, I started a two-part post about hairdos. Then life happened and I didn't get to part II. It is funny, but through comments and on email, people have been saying how they are looking forward to part two. Well, if you are one of those people, today is your lucky day. To catch up, you can find Part One here.


The past number of months, my wife has been on a change kick. She kept finding new things she wanted to change. I am not big on change, myself, on me or on her, but something was going to happen so I braced myself. Keeping my wife the way she was when I really fell for her seemed to be a good strategy to me. She has changed so many personality type things, that all I got is her appearance. Well, not that so much anymore.

My wife had long, beautiful, brown mermaid hair. Funny, the image I included here is not my wife, but it looks kind of like her. My wife generally wears contacts and doesn't have that sour look on her face, but other than that . . . I digress.

First, she wanted to cut her hair off.
Fortunately, she chickened out.

Then, she called me up from her dad's house in Illinois to tell me she had her cartilege pierced (the top part of the ear). She KNEW I didn't want her to do that, but . . .

Then, she started talking about getting a tatoo. I don't want to offend any reader but please . . . Let's just say that tatoos are not something I look for in a woman and leave at that. Somehow, she hasn't got one of those - yet. She doesn't even talk about it anymore, so hopefully, I am out of the woods with it.

A big change was inevitable (for some reason) so the next thing that came down the pike was changing her hair color. Since I know I have to pick my battles, I gave her my blessing (not that she needed it). She wanted to go blonde - not bleach blond, but a medium more realistic blonde. My sister came over and did it for her.

Most people that read me are female so I am not telling them anything new, but hair color is a crap shoot. If you want to get an accurate color before you dye your hair, forget it. It just doesn't work out. I guess there are too many factors.

My wife did NOT want any red in her hair. She believed that strawberry blonde was the worst thing that could happen. You guessed it, it came out strawberryish. Not too bad; I liked it, but that isn't important. She panicked, "It is ORANGE! It is ORANGE!!"

It wasn't orange. It had a slight red tent to it. I liked it - a lot. Stupid me. So at that point, she wanted to get it professionally done. Keep in mind this was in the midst of her unemployment and all the financial woes that come with that - that are still here, by the way, but I digress again.

She was determined, however, so her father who just happened to be in town took her. Seventy dollars later, she shows up with hair that is cut (layered), colored and highlighted. She was estatic! I was, too, because A) she was happy; and B) her dad paid for it.

Here is the kicker, though. I couldn't tell the difference between the strawberry blonde color she hated and this new color she adores. I started to tell her, but fortunately, wisdom got the better of me.


Sayre said...

A wise man knows when to keep his mouth shut... Or give answers that have nothing to do with anything specific - like:
W: Honey, do I look fat?
H: You are beautiful, darling.
W: Really?

W: Do you like my haircut?
H: It really brings out your eyes.

W: Does this dress look good on me?
H: It really brings out your eyes.

See a pattern here? Sometimes it works just fine.

BTW- if your wife looks even a little like that picture, you're a lucky man (at least in the easy-on-the-eyes department).

goddessdivine said...

Sayre--very wise, and I was thinking along the same lines. It's important to us women that men notice the details. Also, men seem to have a limited view of colors. Red is red, brown is brown, and so forth. But to a woman, there are so many shades in between.

Just make sure to tell her that she's beautiful and that you LOVE her hair.

(70 bucks! wow. I'm vain, but I do all my own coloring and straightening).

The Real Mother Hen said...

This is a good story :)
As long as you say she is beautiful, you will always be in luck in the marriage dept :)

Believe it or not, I haven't tried dying my hair. It has always been black, or very very dark brown. I've considered turning it light brown, but somehow don't have the courage! :)

Lippy said...

Whew, looks like you've been swimming through some really dangerous waters lately! Good job holding off on the "color" commentary- that's a death knell for sure.

I hate when they experiment and then ask us to judge (whew does this make me look fat?)

But in the long run, we still think they're hot, right?

Loz said...

Good move to keep your mouth shut. There are some things we can't win :)

Jodi said...

I have several thoughts:
1. No high-up ear piercing for me. Just the regular earring spot will do.

2. I have a tattoo, but no one can see it. Unless we know each other VERY well...

3. I have worked for over a year to grow my hair long. I have no idea why anyone would want to cut it if they had it. But since I've never really had LONGGGGG hair, I guess I wouldn't know. Yet.

4. You're a smart guy. You can do it. But don't give compliments unless they're sincere ones. Really.


Anonymous said...

Good work not mentioning the colour! I'm sure she'd be annoyed :P

$70, seriously? I guess there must be some kind of difference between what's expensive in our different countries. My regular hair cut costs $60 (I could get one for less, but it's usually not very good). If I got colouring done as well it's be about $130!

chosha said...

$70 is okay for all she had done, but when I'm watching pennies I colour my own hair.

I have a friend who started getting a lot more male attention when she grew her hair long after always having it short. It was kind of amusing what a difference it made.

Jeff said...

Sayre: Yep, I need to keep my mouth shut more often.

Kristen: If you count the home job she had before, it was more than $70.

Mother Hen: I am not a fan of dying hair, so if you want my opinion, leave it be.

Jimmy: We better.

Jeff said...

Loz: I can't win ANYTHING.

Kristarella: I can't imagine putting that much value on a manifestation of one's vanity. However, I AM male.

Hoosiergirl: Why have a tatoo if no one can see it. Moreover, why have a tatoo? lol

Chosha: Yes, guys generally favor long hair. When women reach middle age, they especially need to keep it somewhat long. This is one guy's opinion.