There is Pain, but not a Window Pane

Bear with me as I try to get back into the swing of things again. I don't have much on my mind today other than my aching back. I don't know what I did, but Sunday morning, I woke up with a horrible muscle strain in my back. It has been killing me for the past two days. The picture here is exactly where it is (except it is on the other side).

Nothing seems to help. I have taken a boatload of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Skelaxin, and Flexeril. Nothing! If I move, the pain is so bad that it takes my breath away and even causes me to cough sometimes.

Yet, here I am at work today. Why? Because my wife wants me to go with her to visit her family next weekend - spilling over into next week. I can't miss any this week if I am missing some next week. I don't want to go, but I never do so I think I should try.

My sister is concerned about me because I had a "vision" last week of my her going to see my wife at work, crying and telling her that I collapsed. It seems that I might have died by the way my sister looked, but I couldn't really tell. I guess I made the mistake of telling her because now she is way too worried about it. Thank God I said nothing to my wife about it.

I know, you are are thinking, "What are you talking about? What do you mean, 'vision'?" I don't know what to tell you other than I while was driving last week, my temples twinged and I saw this vision - it was kind of like a dream except I was driving so I was in both places at once. It hurt (my temples, that is) like the dickens, though, and I think we all know how much the dickens hurts.

I really didn't think too much of it except just a morbid curiosity of whether or not it had any legitimacy. I do make good predictions, sometimes, you know.

So, if you don't hear from me . . . ;)


Anonymous said...

Okay you, there'll be none of those "if you don't hear from me" reindeer games. Take care of yourself, Jeff. Have you taken a bath with Epsom salts? That can work wonders. Of course, there is also the - dare I say it - doctor. Sheesh! I'm being a little feisty tonight!

Seriously, maybe your vision was just to put you on notice that you need to take the pain seriously. It could be something organ related too, so don't mess around. Go get it checked out.

goddessdivine said...

The summer before last I was at church, in Phoenix (with my sister and her family)....and all I did was bend over to pick up my scriptures and Oh. my. gosh. I could feel the muscle rip and I was in some serious pain. My BIL had to take me home; I was practically in tears. I kept ice on it for like 24 hours and kept downing the ibuprofen. That helped. I saw my chiropractor when I got back home and boy did he work some wonders. I don't know what he did but it seriously helped. I would recommend the chiro.

Balqiz said...

*knock on wood*

I'm not a believer much before on this "sixth sense" thing but I have it all the time so all I can say is, stay in tune of wat your gut is telling u and be careful in all you do aih?

Take care!

Sayre said...

Sometimes in the midst of a rough patch (whatever that may be) your brain will remind you that it could be worse... Count your blessings, Jeff. You aren't dead and as long as you have breath in your body, things can change for the better. Perhaps this is an opportunity to better your relationship with the in-laws now that some of the stress in your relationship with your wife has gone (not all, some).

and the backpain? If it doesn't improve DO go see a doctor. Especially if you can't pinpoint a cause on your own.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Hmmmmm. Spooky. Perhaps because Halloween is coming up?

Jeff said...

Steph: Oh, I was just playing about "if you don't hear from me". lol I try not to be that dramatic.

Have I ever taken a bath with Epsom Salts? Is she good looking?

Doctor Schmoctor, everyone is so ready to tell me to run to the doctor. It is like when people write to Ann Landers, etc., and receives the advice, "Go see a therapist." Gee thanks, Ann! ;)

I hope it isn't organ related because I play the sax! Does anyone out there have an organ I can borrow?

I guess I am the one that is feisty today! LOL

Kristen: One of these days I am going to have to see a chiropractor. I have been fascinated with them since some swear by them and others think they are charlatans. I have heard much more good than bad, though.

Jeff said...

Balquiz: Yeah, I will pay attention. Since in my vision, I saw what my sister and my wife was wearing, I tell them to stay away from those things.

Sayre: Actually life is better now than it has been. I have ALWAYS got along with my Father-in-Law (that is who we are seeing). Yeah, yeah - doctor. I am going to put my paypal thing on here! ;)

Stepping Over: Halloween - could be. Better than it being a prediction, eh?

chosha said...'s right there on all the boxes of the pills that aren't helping: if pain persists, SEE YOUR DOCTOR. /rolls eyes/