NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life:

News (or current events)
Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
Work (thoughts on the job or employer)
Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Family (or friends)
Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and
Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.
Bear with me while I am still unpacking. It was quite a trip (proverbially speaking), but it is good to be home.
NEWS - Have you heard about this new superbug staph infection thing that is killing folks in record numbers? I don't know if this could be considered as part of my predictions or not. Back in January, I predicted, "there will be a new pest related problem (insect, etc.) that will either threaten people's health or damage major agricultural production." Even though this thing is being called a "superbug", I guess it is a stretch. There was already some kind of thing that someone told me about that was agricultural some months back, but this is more what I had in mind.
ENTERTAINMENT - Saturday night, as a part of my one-year anniversary celebration, my wife and I saw The Classical Mystery Tour. It was wonderful! If you are even marginally a Beatles fan, you should do what you can to see this production. The Broadway cast of Beatlemania were accompanied by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra in a stunning time warp extravaganza (I don't have a joke here; I just like to use the term, "extravaganza"). Do yourself a favor and check here to see if this show is coming to a venue near you. (Psst, Charles, they are coming to Rochester.)
WORK - The office has calmed down. I should cruise into the new year from here - barring unforseen tragedies.
SPIRIT - I have been doing a lot of self-reflection lately. I have determined that I am a wretched human being. No, I don't steal or cheat on my wife, but my heart harbors some awful things that leaves a bad taste not only in my mouth but on down to the deepest part of my gut. I may explore this more in the future - probably in my other blog that most of you don't read, so you will be spared. However, I am in too good a mood to go there today.
FAMILY - I have two disable sisters and one disabled mother. One of my sisters STILL hasn't been granted "disabled" status although she has multiple physical problems that prevent her from walking much. Plus, she is in pain quite a bit and is an acute diabetic. She cannot work; she is going to lose her apartment (the power has already been cut off). She applied for disability two years ago and even has attorneys working on it. Now, she is sleeping on my mothers' couch. Because she isn't technically "disabled" yet, she also cannot get healthcare or consistently take her prescribed medications. She needs insulin twice a day, but she rations it. I am genuinely concerned about her future here on Earth. When I think about the status of healthcare here in the US, I am sickened by the greed that rules us in the guise of "healthy capitalism". Did I mention that I was in a good mood?
LOVE - As mentioned earlier, my wife and I have made it a whole year. We had a wonderful few days of celebration. We saw a play, went out for a nice dinner, ate some year-old wedding cake, and capped the thing off with The Classical Mystery Tour. Whodathunkit?!?
ANXIETY - My dog, Marley, will not leave his hip alone. He had a problem with it in the past. You can read about it at the link above, but it healed up - a few times. I think he has developed a habit of messing with it and so it never fully heals up. It used to be a growth, but now it is just a sore where he continues to irritate it. A few days ago, I put a funnel-collar on him so he can't get to it. I can't tell if it is healing up or not, but he is dangerous with that plastic monstrosity on his head. He terrorizes the other dogs with it, unknowingly, but they are scared to death of him when he wears it. You would think he had a Hoover upright on his head, for crying out loud, by the way the other dogs are acting.
SPORTS - My Cincinnati teams now have TWO African-American head coaches leading them. The Bengals have Marvin Lewis as the head coach of the team for the past five years. Now, the Reds named Dusty Baker to take over the manager duties of the baseball team. This is somewhat significant because Cincinnati has a reputation of being backward when it comes to racially equality. Congrats to the men and the city.
HOME - Things at home were the cause of my hiatis from the blog. Things seem to be stable now and that is a plus. My wife has started work as a veterinarian' assitant/secretary. This will help in a whole lot of areas. We need the income as many of you have kept up know, but also she gets (or will get) significant discounts on vet care. Hang in there, Marley!
I am not going to get into details about the reasons for my hiatis. Some things are best left alone. I often wondered if anyone out there had theories why I was gone. At any rate, I am back for now and hopefully permanently - but I can't promise.


Sayre said...

I'm so glad to see you back, Jeff. I DID have some theories as to why you went on hiatus - and I'm glad to hear that my fears were unfounded.

That's terrible about your sister and her status. I have a post I'm working on about breast cancer and lack of insurance, but I don't expect to post it until after my friend dies - which is probably any day now. It's very sad.

Congratulations on your year of marriage!!! I think the first year is the hardest one - there are so many things to work out - things you never think of even if you live together before you get married!

Poor Marley... I had a dog that was so obsessive about frisbee catching that she hurt her ACL and STILL wanted to play! And she would fetch until she fell down with heat prostration. We learned quickly to watch for the signs, but she did scare us a couple of times doing that. Dogs are so weird sometimes.

Yay, Wife's Job! I hope she's happy there and that Marley can get a little benefit out of it as well!

Good to see you, man. I was worried. Strange, as I don't even know you, but there it is.

Jeff said...

Sayre: I am sorry to hear about your friend and breast cancer. This is one post that I WON'T be looking forward to reading because I'll know why I am able to.

Oh, Marley update: He has some kind of infection there so it is more than I thought. :(

It is good to be back and hearing from folks I really care about - that means you. :)

Stepping Over the Junk said...

great to see you again. Hang in there. You sound great!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :)

I didn't bother hypothesising why you why gone. If you don't want to tell us then it's not my business. :) Glad you're back.

Glad the 1yr anniversary was nice. Maybe you are of one of those couples that have a difficult 1st year and we were of one of those couples that had a difficult 2nd year and now it's moderately smooth sailing marriage wise. Here's hoping anyway!

Anonymous said...

Stepping Over: Thanks! Good to be back with all you smiling faces!

Kristarella: Maybe things will get smoother in my marriage. I hope you are right. It was tough but whatever don't kill us, . . . right?

BY THE WAY - I have written on the SPIRIT section this post on my other blog THE PRESENT TRUTH ( or you can get there by clicking my name in this feedback.

Brian said...

Good to see ya back buddy! I had to put that plastic plow on my dog once too, he never figured out how to walk with it, and gained three pounds for the month that he had it on. I got shin splints runnin him the next two months after to get him to burn the fat to get him healthy again. (Small dog, miniature dachsund)

Wasn't Dust Baker the old Cubs manager?

Michelle said...

You're back, Yaay! :-)

heck, I am sorry to hear about your sister. As a "foreigner" only knowing the USA from TV shows you get a way different idea about what life is like over there. You're about the fourth friend I know who is having, or family member is having, health insurance type grief. It really is shocking. :-(

Anonymous said...

Brian: I hate those plastic things. I need a fitted one, because Marley loves to tear them up. I also figured out that his tongue is freakish long and can still get at that stupid spot.

Yep, Dusty used to be with the Cubs (and Giants).

Michelle: I still espouse EVERYONE to see the movie Sicko, the latest Michael Moore doc.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Welcome Back Jeff. For a while I thought you were taken by aliens.

Seriously dude, glad to see that family life is going well for you.

As for your sister, I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll keep her in my prayer.

Another thing is, Jeff, everyone has a demon. We all do. Our lesson on earth is to control it...

Jod{i} said...

Wooot! Yeah I was so happy to see your comment and then ventured over and yeahhhhhhhhhhh you posted!

Theories? Hmmmm, maybe more of concern and wishing all was well...

Still wishing all is well...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff!

So happy you're back! Congrats on the one year anniversary. It sounds like there was some awesome bonding.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister, though. I am so astounded - and confused - by our health care system in general, I have nothing of value to contribute.

xoxo to Marley. :)

goddessdivine said...

So glad you're back. When you said hiatus, I seriously though in a long time. I clicked your link and here you are. ;-)

Glad you had a nice anniversary. Hope there are many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm actually not "on blog" anymore on any kind of basis. I'm more here

as Celainn

But I thought you had my email. No?

I'd love to have a conversation with you, too, whichever way you wanna do it.

Jeff said...

Mother Hen: Sometimes I feel like I have been abducted by aliens, too. ;) As for your last point, often misplace my workbook.

Jodi: Thanks for your well wishes. However, I prefer a cistern. ;)

Steph: Oh don't get me going on the healthcare system again. It is quite embarrassing when compared to the rest of the civilized world.

Kristen: I didn't know how long I would be, either. It is working out for the sooner rather than the later. Is your blog not public anymore (or was it ever)?

Anne: I don't think I had your address. I do now! Very doable.

goddessdivine said...

I went private a month ago. LONG story, involving a stalker/jerk. I didn't see your email listed anywhere otherwise I would have sent you a little note. You are more than welcome to be added to my list. Email me at kriswalk1 at juno dot com.

Anonymous said...

Hehe - I don't believe in that saying. Perhaps because it's not always true for physical things... perhaps what doesn't make us break down makes us wiser?