Sayre is so Grand, Ten Grand, That Is

Sayre from SayreSmiles just happens to be my 10,000 visitor to Psychosomatic Wit. It couldn't happen to a better person (that is Sayre, not me). In honor of this milestone, I want everyone to visit her page.

Sayre has been one of the most frequent visitors of this blog. I am grateful for her friendship. As some blog friends come and go, Sayre has always been there. When I see that she has left me feedback, I get the glow that you get when family drops by. I am a better person because Sayre is in my life - even if it is limited to my blog life.

SayreSmiles is a great blog to visit. It overflows with that "family-warmth" feeling that I mentioned above. She invites her readers to be a part of her family. We get to share in her laughs and cries and even in situations that only Sayre can get into. It is great escape when surfing in blogland.

Thanks, Sayre, for being there for me!


Brian said...

If only you had a nickel for every page visit...

Sayre said...

Wow! I am so honored! And right back at 'ya, Jeff. I think you've joined my list of brothers!

How do you tell who's your XXXth visitor? Just curious because these milestones just seem to slip past me and one day I look at my counter and see that I've passed another milestone. I wonder if I can alarm the thing?

Shan said...

10k, top milstone, congrats

Charles said...


Wow that is a lot of page views. How did you figure out it was her?

Jodi said...

I love reading Sayre, too.

Can you do a post dedicated to me, too? (grin)

Hope you're having a great weekend.


The Real Mother Hen said...

10k visitors?
That's awesome! :)

Jeff said...

Brian: If I only had a nickel for everytime I said, "If I only had a nickel . . ."

Sayre: It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I have a statcounter that enables you to track your visitors by IP address. Of course, some people you just don't know, but you have been with me a while so it was easy to figure out. It takes a little detective work, but hey, that's what I do for a living.

Shan: Thanks. It sneaks up on you like age.

Jeff said...

Charles: See my note to above to Sayre.

Hoosiergirl: Sure, I can dedicate a post to you - as soon as you are my 20,000th visitor! ;)

Mother Hen: Thanks. It is a miracle that I am even still here.