Small Time Election Day

Just a quick post about election day - which is today in these parts. This is the year that there are a lot of local elections.

In Kentucky, the state I work in, there is the big race for governor. I don't really see much of a race here. The incumbant Republican has been mixed up in some shady dealings regarding his staff. For that and other reasons, he has worn out his welcome, I think. He is pulling out all the stops, however, by putting The Ten Commandments up at the capital this week.

In my hometown, all the city elections are being run. There are a ton of signs in people's yards. I really don't like the whole yard sign thing. It takes away from people TRYING TO SELL THEIR HOUSES!

I think I figured out the yard sign thing. It isn't that anyone expects someone to say, "Hey, nice sign. I think I am going to vote for that guy." No, it is about A) name recognition getting in your head (Cuhhhh'-Stanza! - Seinfeld reference); and B) seeing a huge number of signs for the same candidate implies that "everyone" is voting for him. I mean, who would want to vote for the loser?

In this small Kentucky town I work in (pop. aprx 30,000), people do things a little differently than in the bigger city across the river in Indiana. On election day, you see people lining the streets holding up candidate (yard) signs and waving like idiots at the cars as they pass by. I say "idiots" affectionately, because I have to admit that I find it rather charming.

I wave back.


Brian said...

Jeff!! Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I just came off Hiatus myself. I like this post about the sign waving. It reminds me of my town. We have a hundred thousand people, and there's nothing but churches and golf courses. Last week when visiting my parents, i went down a main road that has several churces, and there were literally thousands of people on the roads waving church signs. I felt like i was the main attraction of the parade! I waved back too.

Jod{i} said...

Well Jeff...just think of the exposure all the people out and about and their eyes are drawn to the signs...they may just see a for sale sign...


goddessdivine said...

Well, at least someone is putting up Ten Commandments rather than tearing them down. And most politicians have shadiness; it seems to be the trend.

We have problems with people stealing/tearing down election signs around here. Please people; grow up.