Sayre: Psychosomatic Wit is Excellent

I think about this blog a lot - probably too much. I had an idea about what I wanted this blog to be before I started it. It is not that. However, I have more information about blogs and what they are and can be now - knowledge that I didn't have then. I like my blog. I like this community. Still, I am conflicted.

I did NOT want this blog to be a diary. I did NOT want to filter my opinions. I had no clue that a community would develop that I would care about. This causes me to want to be careful to not offend others' opinions. I believed that I would be writing to strangers about my opinions and insights about the world around us. Some would agree; others would disagree. I didn't care as long it was interesting and discussion inspiring. Plus, I thought my blog would be somewhat humorus.

So what is my blog? It is a little diary, a little opinion/insight and really not so funny. For some reason, some people like it and that humbles me. I am sure it will continue to evolve, but I think for the most part, it is what it is. It has its own identity. It lives, breathes, cares, and reacts to you - all of you - even the lurkers. Thanks for being a friend of the psycho!


Sayre from SayreSmiles has given me the honor of having an excellent blog. She should know, she has an excellent one, herself.

I must now pick blogs that qualify as excellent. This is both easy and hard. It is easy because there are many excellent blogs out there. It is hard, because choosing is ALWAYS hard. I also do not want to duplicate other picks. Here we go:

Jod{i} at Looking Beyond the Cracked Window has an excellent blog. She often gets deep and lets her thoughts dictate her posts in an unbridled manner. Somehow it always has a way of making sense and makes me ponder life from her perspective.

Another great blog is Am I Thinking That. Charles has such a sincere blog - kind of like Linus' pumpkin patch. He uses his blog to learn about life from himself and his readers. Its uniqueness like that keeps me coming back.

Stephanie (a.k.a. HollyGl) has a relatively new blog called Meaningful Malarchy. Normally, I wouldn't think to put a new blog up, but only the blog is new. Stephanie has been a masterful blogger for a while. She is sensitive, caring, and quite a find.

Crow's Feet is another blog that is worthy of this award. Michelle uses her uncommon understanding of the spiritual to shape her blog. She is also very caring and that translates to a warmth when reading her blog.

Meg, as far as I know, is not REALLY a liar. However, her blog Confessions of a Compulsive Liar is excellent. Meg captures her present drama surrounding her family, upcoming nuptuals, and of course, the office. If she is a compulsive liar and made the whole thing up, she is darn good at it!

Emily is the one that got me started blogging. She even tweaked this blog for me so it would look better than some lame, blogger-supplied template. Her blog, Two Write Hands is one of the best things out there in blogland. Emily has a way of making her readers sincerely care about her and her life. Remember her name; she will undoubtedly be famous some day!

Chris at Inane Thoughts has a great blog. It covers everything from food recipes to martial arts - but mainly just life itself. It is also good to get a man's perspective since blogging seems to be a primarily female endeavor.

Another male blog of note is Byzantium's Shores. Kelly's blog covers a ton of different topics. He talks of sports (particularly Buffalo sports), literature, movies, and other blogs. Not only that, he posts quite often so there is ALWAYS something fresh. Excellent blog!

Kristarella is a Christian scientist from Australia. Need I say more when it comes to interesting? She blogs about a lot of things and even has a photo blog. Check her out!

And finally something different: Rodger Johnson is Your PR Guy. This blog is more of a business-oriented blog exploring different aspects and strategies for public relations. The reason this blog is interesting is that its content targets US! It is an excellent blog to see how companies approach its marketing and relations with the buying public. Maybe you can pick up some tips for making your blog more popular.

There are other great blogs out there that I read. Many just as deserving as those I listed. It is a great blog world out there! Go read it!


Sayre said...

Yay! It has been interesting watching your blog evolve - I think I found you through Two Write Hands when I was finding "writer" blogs. I haven't visited Emily in a while because she stopped writing for a while (school was taking up a lot of time, apparently). I will have to go back and see what she's been up to.

Jeff, I'm glad you are continuing to blog. I come here when I need stuff to think about (like there's not enough of that already) but your take on things is always interesting and thoughtful.

I stand by my original opinion - This is an Excellent Blog.

Charles said...

I think I found you through Emily too, back when she was the mad secretary.

Thanx for the nod (smiles)

When I look at the others though somehow I seem (I dunno) less interesting. Jodi is so great, and Chris, he is the best. I wish I could write like them.

Hey I have a post in my head I just haven't typed it out yet. I guess because I have been thinking about re-doing my template a little.

Chris said...

Wow, thanks for the kudos:)

I love the list you gave because there's only a few I don't read regularly. But be sure I will be checking out the others this weekend!

Jeff said...

Sayre: Thank you. I have said it before, I can always count on you to be here for me. You are almost always the first one to comment whenever I kick out a new post. My life (blog or otherwise) is a little sweeter because you are in it.

Charles: Yeah, Emily was my bridge to a lot of you. Of course she is too good to comment on my blog anymore. ;) I am glad that we connected, Charles.

Chris: I am sure there is a lot of overlap. This is the blog community in our neck of the woods, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

I'll have a look at those others as well.

I don't think just by having and expressive a different opinion you will offend people. We all need to learn how to give opinions gracefully and consider other's opinions thoughtfully.

Jeff said...

You are right, kristarella. The trouble is that one person's "gracefullness and thoughtfullness is another one's boredom. I don't want or like to offend. I don't believe in personal attacks at all, but I do like creative and sometimes stinging debate - as long as the stings are issue-driven and not personality driven. This is sometimes offensive to those who do not share that opinion.

So, that is the dilemma. Have fun and debate or be ultra-sensitive in dissent and bore everyone else including myself. I pray for a happy medium.

Anonymous said...

::AHEM:: Too good to comment here?

Thanks for the award. And congratulations on yours! It was well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

Jeff! Thanks so much! I am deeply grateful for the recognition.

Congratulations to you too! Your blog has always inspired me with its honesty - and humor. You are such an irreplaceable member of my blogging community. ...and have been since the beginning. I can't imagine Blogdom without you. Ever.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Your blog has a good character Jeff and I'm sure we'll keep reading and reading :)

Jeff said...

Two Write Hands: Good for you - commenting on my blog. It is nice for a big shot like you to slum around every now and again, no? ;)

HollyGL: Thanks Steph! I certainly missed yours when I couldn't find it out there!

Mother Hen: Thanks, I really enjoy your blog and your ability to tour guide. :)

Meg said...

Thanks, Jeff! What a great honor!

Michelle said...

What a lovely surprise! (I've been off the internet a bit as we have house guests)

Thank you, Jeff. It's an honour getting an award from a thoughtful intelligent blogger like yourself.