The Blog that Relaunched a Thousand Words (or more)

What a great time for a blog launch – or in this case, relaunch.  There have been some things happening to me lately concerning my writing that makes it an exceptional time on a personal level, but that isn’t the only reason. This is an interesting time we are living in. With politics and other news, sports, and just everyday craziness that is afoot this season, there will be enough things to explore and laugh at for some time.  By the way, it is also a great time for you to go and “like” the PW page on Facebook!
Presidential campaign season is officially underway. Both parties should provide some interesting blog fodder.  On one hand, we have Queen Hillary and the Pips.  And what’s a discussion about the Democratic Party without the mention of socialism?  Thanks, Bernie Sanders!
On the other hand, the Republican primary seldom disappoints when it comes to providing a fascinating cast of characters and this year is no different.  YET ANOTHER Bush wants to fill out a change of address form for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  In addition, the field includes an ousted business woman, a retired surgeon, a really thirsty guy, and a couple of guys with really bad hairdos. We could discuss for hours.
Then there is the rash of police/minority issues that have plagued the country the past couple of years.  This page will have plenty to say about that.
One thing that none of us can escape is the influence of God in our lives OR how the lack of a belief system puts those of us without faith on a specific path.  This blog is always concerned about this aspect of life.
In addition, PW will look at some sports issues.  Traditionally, there hasn’t been much of that here, but lately (for those that have been perusing the site) that has changed. With the NCAA tournament recently closed for the 2015 season, all fan eyes are looking at transfers and reloading for the upcoming season.  This site will touch on many teams, but be primarily concerned with Indiana University.  Baseball and football are also gearing up at the pro and  college levels.
There will be something of interest for most people (if not one post, perhaps the next one).  Some of you will agree with what you read; others will be irritated.  Then the following post may have the opposite effect.  As always, comments are always welcome - at Psychosomatic Wit  and on the Facebook page.  I look forward to responding to comments.  Without interaction, I will never find out that I am wrong!
So, what do you want to talk about?

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