A Little Shut-Eye, Very Little

I will resume the Jamaican wedding story at some point. Now I have something a little more pressing. My new wife and I have encountered something that is putting a little strain on things - our sleeping behavior.

My wife likes to sleep balled up. This translates that I do not have maneuverability room. I can't make any movements without running into a knee or an elbow. Add to this that our bed is small!

I am used to a queen-sized waterbed. Now I have a full-sized regular bed that I only have access to about 38% of the available bed surface (because apparently my tiny wife requires about 62% of it). I am also one of those people that have to adjust frequently (less frequently with the waterbed). It is horrible. I feel like a prisoner.

We are on the verge of solving some of these problems by getting a bigger bed. It still will not be a waterbed, but it is going in the right direction.

However, we have a bigger problem. Apparently, I snore. Here is some advice: If you get accused of snoring by your spouse and you don't think you do, accept that you are wrong. I have been told that I have been snoring when I could have sworn that I was lying there awake. The fact is people snore and they don't know it.

I have tried a few things to help resolve this problem, but not with very good results so far. I have been using breathe-rite strips. They do help me breathe, but it hasn't solved the problem. I also take this pill thing, but I don't think it does anything. It tastes like an antacid. I am going to try a couple of other things, but if anyone has found a solution, I would love to hear it.
I read that nearly half of adults snore. Surely, there are solutions out there or everyone would be single!


Jerry Novick said...

I feel your pain.

Get a king size bed, one like a sleep number bed, where your tossing and turning won't bother her.

As for the snoring thing... I can't go into that. Not if I want to stay married...

Nikki said...

Get a King size bed...we did....we HAD to. Hubby is 6"2 and sleeps from corner to corner - I don't get any room either.

..as fot the snoring...welcome to my world...I snore too. Nothing I can do about it. Good luck with that, and let me know if you find out something would you?

Sayre said...

Okay, it may be a little early for you guys, being newly married and all, but have you considered sleeping in separate rooms? You can "visit" all you want, but when it comes down to the business of getting some shut eye, sometimes different locations are just the thing.

Earplugs can help, but at least one of you needs to keep your ears open for things like fire alarms and alarm clocks...

Good luck with that one, Jeff!

Tigger said...

Oh man.... I feel you... When I lived in Florida, I slept on the couch, when I got to Michigan and was forced to share a bed again, I was the bed hog. But the best thing is we both snore.... So, can't help ya there... Just try to work through it and be patient..... Tawnya

Anonymous said...

you're a good husband and a smart one because you accept that she is right...LOL
well there is surgery. An ENT corrected Daniel's surgically. Of course the snoring went along with sleep apnea for him.
My darling husband snores horribly LOUD....the whole house can hear him. He also has had some apneic episodes which freaks me out. He has promised to get this checked out before I perform a uvelaectomy on him myself.

Jod{i} said...

ps the daizie comment is from me, jodi, not sure why it signed me on with that other name...hmmm

Stepping Over the Junk said...

this makes me laugh. Chef and I sleep well together...he evidently didn't used to cuddle with his sleeping-mates before he met me and he is a very close sleeper, which I like. Unless he flings his leg over me, which is VERY heavy and I get pinned down and I have to poke him to get him to move if I get a cramp. I also get the arm over me and pulling me in for a spooning position and then I have an itch on my back and I cant get out.