Thursday Thirteen #1

There is an activity out there called "Thursday Thirteen". A blogger makes a list comprising of thirteen uh . . . anything, I guess. It is designed to let the readers get to know them a little more. I don't really know how to officially join the group that is doing it, so I am just going to wing it. They have these little things they put on their blog and I don't even think I could figure out how to do it. Nonetheless, here is my first Thursday list of thirteen.

Thirteen All-Time Favorite TV Characters:

13. Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy. He is the baby with the adult feminine voice. It is so outlandish, that it is fascinating to me.

12. Arthur Fonzerelli (a.k.a. Fonzie, the Fonze) from Happy Days. I used to think he was the coolest guy when I was a kid. I wanted to be him. I always tapped juke boxes when we went out to eat, but I could never turn on a song that way.

11. Dwight Schrute from The Office. The guy is maniacal psychophant. Hilarious.

10. Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He introduced me to logic and was such a contrast from . . .

9. Captain Kirk from Star Trek. He was so melodramatic and bigger than life. He was a master of space karate and always got the girl - even if she was blue or green from time to time.

8. George Costanza from Seinfeld. Nobody could get into a ridiculous jam like this guy. He made the best speeches, too.

7. Edith Bunker from All in the Family. She appeared to be dumb but was probably the one on the show that had the most going on. Edith is the only female on the list. I think this is more of indictment on the industry than on females. Females never seemed to get the interesting roles. I will say that Betty from Ugly Betty may make it to a future list.

6. Data from Star Trek, The Next Generation. Data was an android that had no emotions (in the vein of Spock). However, unlike Spock, Data had a pinnochio complex. He was fascinated with humans and his trying to become human was both interesting and humorous.

5. Hoss Cartwright from Bonanza. Hoss was as big hearted as he was big and strong. There was certain charm about him that drew me to the show.

4. Michael Scott from The Office. He is so funny. He is the guy in real life that you would laugh at in real life but feel guilty about later. With this being a television show, there is no guilt.

3. Kramer from Seinfeld. Every facial expression, body movement, and situation is so exaggerated and plain funny. He keeps the relevance of slapstick humor. He is, indeed, a pod.

2. Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. Barney is a combination of a lot of characters I listed above, but with his own style. There will never be another Barney.

1. Archie Bunker from All in the Family. Archie was so offensive and stupid, it is a miracle in character development that he was so loved by the TV audience. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I soaked up every word and facial expression. Archie is a television masterpiece.

That's my first list - hopefully not my last.


Anonymous said...

Great list! I think I have to agree with you one all of them!

Tai said...

Spock...definately Spock!

"Live long and prosper." I liked Nimoy when he did the Ancient Mysteries show, too.

Anonymous said...

Data is interesting. Stewie is hilarious. Whenever he talks about sex is so funny, like he can see in the adults and teenagers that it occupies peoples minds so sometimes it occupies his but he has none of the hormones to care that much about it. Ah, The Family Guy, good show.

If you want to join you can do so at
if you want to know about the linkies thing that's at

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Ah, the memories. Some of our favorite shows and characters are enshrined in your list. May your list always grow.


DesLily said...

I detect a bit of a "trekkie" here! lol..

Ohhh, I love Hoss too!!

Anonymous said...

How about Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap? "Oh, boy..."

Anonymous said...

i love it!
sorry for not reading it sooner. for some reason i couldn't gt to your blog. i blame the decongestants.

Anonymous said...

I like your list,we have some in common. Data, Picard, and Stewie. I never got to see this on Thursday, there was something wrong with your blog.

My favorite TV character of all time is Seamus Harper from Andromeda. He has a gift for gab.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Blogger picked on me. My counter said I had no visitors for two days. It made me sniff my armpits to see if that was it.

Skittles: Thanks. Great minds think alike. ;)

Tai: Yeah, I love Spock. He made me a believer. He was kind of funky in the first couple of episodes, though.

Kristarella: Do I get a membership card if I join the Thursday Thirteen club? :) Dang, I am only two days away again!

Walt and Bonnie: Some characters are certainly timeless. If I were doing Friday Fourteen, I think I would had to put Ralph Kramden in there.

DesLily: When I was more of a "trekkie" the others like me insisted on being called "trekkers." I don't know why; I never cared one way or'tother. Hoss is gold!

Sayre: I loved Quantum Leap and Beckett, but I think Al was more of a character. Sam played a good straight man and hero, though.

Laura: It wasn't your fault it was my psychosomatic gremlins in the machinery.

Charles: I never saw Andromeda. Maybe I should look it up, no? Congrats on edging me out on the last playoff spot!

Anonymous said...

I had to fight for it, I think it was mostly because of Stephaine though (Bronco Busters).