Another of the M-word Exercises.

I got tagged by Jodi from "Looking Beyond the Cracked Window". This is no ordinary tag; she picked me as one of five blogs that makes her think. I was flattered enough, but I was wondering exactly WHAT I made her think. ;) Because I was tagged, I now have to pick five blogs that make me think. I will disqualify Jodi because she has already participated. There are one or two private blogs that I will leave off because you won't be able to check it out anyway. There are plenty of others that could be on the list, but I have to pick five. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. "Two Write Hands". Emily has a way with words. Not only that, her blog has a special place for me because she actually got me into blogging. She even designed this Psychosomatic Wit for me.

2. Sayre at "SayreSmiles". She is funny and has the best true stories. She should change her blog name to "Stranger than Fiction". She is also probably my most loyal reader which I deeply appreciate.

3. Jerry at "The WriteJerry". He has an interesting take on things and he gives great relationship advice (which I tend to need). He has a new addition to his family by now so Congratulations Jerry!

4. Charles at "Am I thinking that?". Charles is legitimate. He writes what he feels and there is a reality there that is very charming.

5. Jimmy at "StupidSheet Guy". Jimmy and I have a lot in common. He engages my mind because we seem to be amused by the same kind of thing.

That's it for this exercise. Apologies to anyone that I left out. I assure you that if this thing asked for more, I could give more. If I named you, you can consider yourself tagged, or not. Whatever floats your boat!


Sayre said...

Hey, thanks, Jeff! My dad says no one would believe half the stuff I write about is for real - which is why I try to back it up with photographic evidence when I can!!!

I'll do this too - probably tomorrow though. I'm going back to KenPo class today (so excited!) and won't see my computer again after about 5 minutes from now for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

ahhh Charles made your list! I've read his journal for some time now!

Jod{i} said...

I will never tell! ;)

tee hee...


and as for the flip flops, thanks for that reminder btw, I have 15 pairs! LOL, Its true!
5 black, 4 white, pink, clear,tan, high clunky ones, blue ones, red ones too!
Umm so yeah.


Lippy said...

What a nice surprise to come here and see this entry. I'll be sure to reciprocate, as I assume this is considered a "tag" :)

Thanks, my friend.