Bound To Come Some Trouble

As I alluded to in the comments of the previous post, I haven't been doing too well. Things are getting worse.

You see, I am not typical. Most people eat and journal when they are upset. I can do neither. It is difficult here just writing this little FYI. My words are jumbled in my head and it is hard to say clearly what I want to say. I have hit the backspace button so many times already in this "entry".

I have written about some problems in the past. However, when things are particularly serious, I don't feel comfortable blogging about it.

Anyway, if you don't see me on for a while, this is why. I don't know that I will be gone at all, but if I am, I just want you to know that it isn't forever.


Sayre said...

So sorry to hear this, but I completely understand. Just know that you're in my prayers and that I think of you from time to time.

Funny, no? I don't even know you - or any of the other bloggers I frequent, yet you are all real and dear to me. So believe me when I say that I hope things improve for you very soon and you're back to your bloggy-self.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I'm sorry. Find your way through, you have an amazing thought process which you articulate so well and hope you are okay. It is VERY difficult to write when things get rough...and then one day, you find you can't write about it enough (well, at least for me, I am not speaking for anyone else)...I'll be catching up on your archives at some point here, since i have just been reading your current posts and leave thoughtful comments as I go...because I am so insightful myself...HEH. (that was a joke). Chin up. Be well.

Michelle said...

I get like that too. My one Italian friend (who finds it very easy to express every emotion) says she knows when something is wrong with me because I dissapear.

Maybe some people are more like bears - they need to go into a cave to "hibernate" when winter hits them.

Hope your life returns to sunshine soon.

Anonymous said...

I think the things that are most important are often the things least said. I'm not sure why, perhaps we're not willing to risk our deepest feelings being ridiculed.

Hope things feel better soon.

Charles said...

I'm the same way, my feelings and my words get jumbled in person. Hope that things will look sunnier for you in the future Jeff.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Oh Jeff - Sorry to hear things are so bad. I hope all is well soon. If you want to blog, we're all here for you. If not, we'll wait.

Take care,friend.

Michelle said...

Maybe this will cheer you up.. maybe not.

A friend of mine always says, "Use it or throw it to the wind".

I hope the fact your blog inspires me is something you can use, but if not - throw it to the wind.

Jeff said...

Thanks all,

There is a community here and I do feel at home withing those confines. However, there are no REAL confines and that is what causes me to hold back while blogging. Emailing friends and such is a little different, but a blog is SO uneversally accessable and so permanent.

The good news is that I have lost a ton of weight this week from not being able to eat.

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult week. Take care.