Giuliani Outed

With the primary season underway, I have decided that I have to get busy figuring out who is going to garner my vote. It is a very difficult task. I don't know if it is because there are so many good and worthy candidates, or if there aren't ANY good candidates. So I decided that I would go at it differently.

In my mind, I am going to put all the candidates in a reality show in my head. Each week I am going to eliminate one till there will be one winner. I am not saying I am going to do this process on my blog, but at some point, I will come up with my choice for president.

The first candidate to be eliminated is Rudy Giuliani. Why is this guy even a Republican? He adheres to all the things I don't like about Republicans (running on fear, policies of greed, etc.) and abandons the parts of the party I like (morality and spiritual issues).

However, the clincher for me was discovering who Giuliani REALLY is. As it turns out, he isn't from an Italian family in New York after all. No, he is a NAZI military man from Germany. His real name is Colonel Wilhelm Klink and he ran POW camp Stalag 13 during World War II. Even California Governor Pete Wilson looks like he knew the real truth about RG in the picture above. The 60's television program Hogan's Heroes chronicled his shenanigans.

Don't believe that Giuliani is the Nazi Colonel Klink? See for yourself!

Scary isn't it? Those of you in the states owe me a debt of gratitude now, don't you think? I know Guiliani is taking his blitzkrieg to Florida right now so beware, Sayre!


Meg said...

You could eliminate them alphabetically. That's what all the reality show stars do.

Chris said...

I see NUH-TING! HOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loz said...


Sayre said...

Rudy's been doing a blitzkrieg on my mailbox - uninvited. I wonder if that's why my computer got sick... Hmmmmmm.

He never has been nor ever will be a factor in my voting. I just hope that the rest of my state feels the same way!