NEWS FLASH - Second Week of January '08

NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life:

News (or current events)
Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
Work (thoughts on the job or employer)
Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Family (or friends)
Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and
Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.

NEWS - Despite all pollsters and TV types, Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary. I found myself kind of pulling for her because of all the flack she has been receiving lately. I don't know that it will translate into me wanting her as president, but the NH primary was pretty satisfying. The same thing on the GOP side with John McCain. I used to like McCain a lot - enough to vote for him, but thought he cowered to GW Bush too much after Bush fought a dirty campaign against him in 2000. It seemed to me that he didn't hold on to the principles he had established then just to make peace with the Republican party. That, and the fact that he tends to be an Iraq monger will prevent me from supporting him. I guess that is two down.

ENTERTAINMENT - Thanks to the writers' strike, Big Brother 9 will air this month instead of in July. So, there is still time for those of you that have been missing out to climb aboard!

WORK - It is getting busy at the office again. I hate this time of year because I have a big event to work on, the yearly budget, and the annual report. I always look forward to the end of March at this time each year. It is usually just in time for the NCAA tournament.

SPIRIT - There is a big swelling lately in the local paper of the town in which I work about the whole Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate. I would love to see a debate here with scholars of both camps. I have been studying this topic for over ten years and I am just into it. My conclusion, and feel free to argue with me, is that it takes more faith to believe that humans originally came from wet rocks than it does to just believe a higher being created them. Of course, that is just in a nutshell. I can get into as much detail as you like.

FAMILY - My sister is still waiting for her disability. Let's be clear about what this means. Disability is part of the Social Security system. This is a system that she paid into for years and years. It is not a gift from the federal government. That being stated, yesterday they turned off her utilities again - against policy and despite her having a receipt that showed it was paid. There was a problem with the mode of payment, but it was no one's fault. The utility company just refused to be reasonable and customer friendly. So, I got pretty irate with the folks at the utility company on the phone which is rare for me because I am usually more diplomatic. However, sometimes hostility is appropriate, I guess, because her utilities are back on. My sister can't stop thanking me.

LOVE - Same ol', same ol'. However, my wife just returned from her hometown to visit her family and had a bad time there. She felt rejected by one family member - the one she went to see. Even though there is kind of a gulf between us, I was touched and it helped me not to want to leave her. That may be bad news for her; I don't know.

ANXIETY - Let's see . . . my jobs, my marriage, my finances, and the fact that I only got a couple of feedbacks on my humorous Giuliani post below isn't helping my nerves. ;)

SPORTS - Indiana University, my alma mater, cracked the top ten in basketball this week. I truly believe they can win the championship this year. I haven't said that since Bobby Knight left - or there abouts.

HOME - I failed to mention this last time, but I now have FIVE DOGS! Count them, five! My wife always wanted a beagle since she has(d) one while she was growing up. That dog is pretty old now and she has been lamenting over its inevitable demise. I made the mistake of taking her to Petsmart a couple of weeks ago. Guess what was there to be adopted from a local shelter! No, not a horse, a BEAGLE! Actually two beagles were there. They were in the same cage and they really looked like they depended on each other. So, I told her that we couldn't take one because it would be cruel to separate them. You can write your own ending to this story but it might help to know that the shelter agent uttered these words, "pay for one, get one free," and "we will even throw in this kennel that they share!" Sheesh! Here's the new roster: Casey, Boone, Marley . . . and . . . Linus and Lucy


Chris said...

I still hate Evil Dick...or think he was the smartest player ever. Or both.

Hope the home front gets better and better!

Oh, and the NCAA? Sorry....I have to pick Tarheels (duh, it's a family thing) for the tourney:)

Jodi said...

I like beagles.

You are so stressed, I think you should come visit me this weekend!
My ex will have the kids and I need someone to go to the movies with.

Come visit!!! (smile)


The Real Mother Hen said...

I'm a foreigner, I've no business in American politics... yet I was genuinely glad that Hillary won the NH primary. She is a smart person with proven track records, and America deserves to have a smart leader.

Sayre said...

1) I love Hillary. I'm so happy for her and her win in NH. What this country needs is a strong woman at the helm - not that this country will ever let that happen, but a girl can dream, can't she?

2) I'm not much into "reality" TV, but my whole family caught itself watching the new and "improved" AMERICAN GLADIATOR the other night. Hilarious!

3) My work is crazy right now too. I'm beginning to wonder if there ever IS a slow period.

4) Exploring lots of different spiritual stuff right now... Not religion, per se, but spiritual stuff. Currently reading Wayne Dyer's "Change your Thoughts, Change your Life" which is an exploration of the Tao.

5) Your sister is so lucky to have a brother like you! I hope her disability comes through soon!

6) Want me to come smack your wife around a little? It sounds to me like she needs a serious wake up call and to grow up. Sorry, dude - sometimes her attitude pisses me off - and I don't even know her! Echoing number five - she's lucky to have a man like you.

7) Can't really comment on the sports thing.

8) FIVE dogs? Perhaps you can turn some of that rental property into a kennel!

Ah - it's good to be back!

Anonymous said...

Evil Dick was darn lucky. If the final contest wasn't a rip off, Zack would have won the whole thing. Why they carried him week after week, I will never know.

At least NCU is a good respectable program and in good position this year. You could certainly do worse.

Hoosiergirl: I would love to get away for a weekend to clear my head. Let me practice my speech: "Wife, I am going to get out of town a couple of days for a break. Yeah, I met a woman on the Internet in the Louisville area that said I could hang with her. See ya Sunday night!" Think that will work? lol

Mother Hen: You are here so it is your business. This will be an interesting election.

Sayre: American Gladiator? Hmm. The kennel idea is a good one except my wife can't turn any of the dogs loose. Thanks for your support, Sayre!

Anonymous said...

I believe that God created the world and I understand the concepts behind the evolution model. However, I still don't think "intelligent design" should be taught in science because it has nothing to do with science (observing, hypothesising, testing). I do think they should stop teaching evolution as fact though.

goddessdivine said...

Not a fan of evolution (big surprise); I believe in a Higher Being. I don't see how anyone can look around them and not believe.

Also not a fan of Hillary. But we won't go there. And McCain is not my favorite either.

Your sister is very lucky to have you; and your wife too for that matter.

And 5 dogs? Um, you're bordering Redneck territory there my friend.

Jeff said...

Kristarella: I tend to agree with you. I think the problem is that we have to label things. As you say, Intelligent Design should not be taught in the science classroom, but should it be taught? We label our classrooms things like "science" and become concerned that all subject matter must fit into that label. I think we should be more concerned with "truth" than worrying about following the rules of labels. That being stated, I am not sure that ANYTHING about the origin of the Universe or life should be taught as truth in this society, but it certainly should be discussed.

Kris: We agree about Evolution. I know you aren't a Hillary fan and I would guess not a McCain fan. I actually believe you are a Romney fan, but don't want to admit it here because of the commonalities you have with him and the LDS church. I do believe you can like Romney for other reasons and probably do.

Thanks for the kind words and believe me, one dog is plenty enough for me!

Unknown said...

Not very familiar with America politics but was glad for Hillary's win - quite liked her teary eyed speech as well.
Getting a dog together with your wife is a good sign.
My best to you!

Jeff said...

Random: Thanks for seeing a silver lining on the dog thing. It escaped me.

goddessdivine said...

I like Mitt, and not because of his religious affiliation. But I have no doubt his religion has made him who he is. I like what he stands for. He's not the perfect candidate by all means; but then again, who is?

Anonymous said...

I was ecstatic over Hillary's win!

You're a wonderful, caring brother, Jeff.

Beagles are precious - just give them plenty of chew toys to occupy their little jaws!

Anonymous said...

Umm, yup I don't mind if "intelligent design" is taught in a different class. I don't really like that term, intelligent design. I was taught it in school, we just called it Scripture and the message was that God created the world.