Something Wrong With Facebook

It has to be talked about. It is taking over our lives!  

What's wrong with Facebook?  How much time do you have?  There are a lot of things that I could talk about.  A lot of people gripe about its internet security issues. I, myself, refuse to download the Facebook message app to my phone because of all the crazy access it wants.

Then there is the whole changing culture thing that it shares with Twitter.  We are so ADD as a species now that if we can't say something in 140 characters  most people won't even mess with us.  I have discussed with friends how that mentality has put a damper on the whole blogging culture.

HEY!!  I am not done yet!!  Bear with me!! I will try to be brief!

No, today I will talk about the whole insipid commands for us to "like something or share something or else" nonsense that we are inundated with.  What is that all about?  " 'Like' this if you are against animal cruelty."  " 'Share' this if you love your mom."  Really?  I can't love my mom or detest animal cruelty if I don't play your game?  I am halfway scared to find someone picketing my house!

It is like being caught up in a Seinfeld episode.  Remember when Kramer didn't want to wear the ribbon on the AIDS walk?

WALKER #1: Hey, where's your ribbon?
KRAMER: Oh, I don't wear the ribbon.
WALKER #2: Oh, you don't wear the ribbon? Aren't you against AIDS?
KRAMER: Yeah, I'm against AIDS. I mean, I'm walking, aren't I? I just don't wear the ribbon.
WALKER #3: Who do you think you are?
WALKER #1: Put the ribbon on!
WALKER #2: Hey, Cedric! Bob! This guy won't wear a ribbon!
BOB: Who? Who does not want to wear the ribbon?

It's madness, I tell ya!  But that isn't all of it?  You also have to throw in the personal element.  Your friends lose their minds if you don't "like" or comment on something they put up. "What's wrong, you don't like my cat?" 

I would be tempted to reply, "Yeah, a helluva lot more that I like you right now.  Your cat doesn't have inane expectations of me and define our relationship
with them."

Facebook behavior is so predictable, too.  I can guess about 40% of you are thinking, "If you don't like Facebook, then you don't have to be on it!"  No, I don't  have to, but then how would I know how many people will end up liking this blog post?


Michelle said...

And the "write this dumb thing on your wall in support of a disease" things. I've had people complain because I refused to state the colour of my underwear in support of breast cancer. Really? ... REALLY?? :-\

Great post and I read ALL of it. :-D

Amel said...

HEHEHEHEHEHE...I've stated many times over in my blog how I have a love-and-hate relationship with FB. I did think of deleting my profile completely, but it's a very handy way to get in touch with others who live halfway across the world from me (my family, friends, ex school friends) and it's a handy way to organize a reunion with them, too. But agree on what you said here.

Jeff said...

I know, Michelle! Plus, the color of my underwear changes almost hourly sometimes, so what am I supposed to do? ;)

Jeff said...

Amel: For most of us FB is a necessary evil. If we learn to laugh at it, it makes it better!

Michelle said...


That comment with your profile giraffe "smile" ... hilarious!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Jeff

Oh some very valid points regarding Facebook. I have a love and hate relationship with it. I'm also nosey so I'll keep on checking it.

Charles said...

I get annoyed whenever people have posts that say like if you "so and so"

I also hate the memes that tell you to do something and says if you don't do this in the next 30 seconds, something bad will happen to you.

I think it's all really pointless. I only look at my friends and family's posts, and I have like a few celebs and humorous pages. Other than that I stay clear of pages that ask you to like them.

Jeff said...

Charles! Good to see you, old friend!