Diet (a different color)

My wife had the great idea of starting a new diet WITH me this week. This is interesting because my wife is thin and trim (is this a redundancy?). Evidently, something didn't fit her like it used to and she began to start worrying about getting chunky. She looks the same to me and considering she is gearing up for her hormonal changes this cycle, I am thinking she is making a big deal over probably nothing.

She further has urged me to abandon my low-carb diet for something she can deal with. She isn't much of a meat eater, and that is practically all I eat on this diet. She discovered the "Cabbage Soup Diet" (a seven-day diet) and offered to do it with me if I would do it. Since I can do any diet for a week, I agreed. I liked the idea of being able to do a diet together so I signed up and we went shopping for the diet Sunday night.

When we got home, we proceeded to make a huge pot of this soup. It smelled pretty good - like any other kind of vegetable soup and so the diet began.

Day 1 - yesterday. I skipped coffee at work (although I think I am allowed it) and went home for lunch where I ate two bowls of soup. It was okay for a meatless vegetable soup. Later I cut grass and the heat and the soup got to me. I felt awful all night. I only ate a few small pieces of cantaloupe and a couple strawberries for dinner (I couldn't stand the thought of eating any more of that soup).

As bad as it was for me, my wife had it worse. She always said that she didn't have the will power to diet so I wonder how much of that attitude played into her experience, but she was in bad shape. She fretted about the diet all day (while I, on the other hand, didn't give it much thought until lunch time). She ate her soup, got a headache, and made repeated trips to the bathroom. When she got home, she couldn't eat anything for supper and spent the late night throwing up everything she ate. We both had terrible headaches (mine followed me into today).I know the soup is okay, because we made it ourselves with clean, fresh vegetables.

Needless to say, my wife is no longer on the diet. I, on the other hand, am still on the fence. As lunch time approaches, I can't stand the thought of eating more of that soup (although I still might). My wife wants me to go off of it (to ease her guilt), but I don't know. I don't like to give up on things too easily. Like I said, I can do anything for a week.

I did get some coffee this morning. That helped a little, I think.

All I know, is that I am not a fan of the diet so far and the "good soup smell" of Sunday night has turned into a rank smell the last two days. That doesn't help me to look forward to that blamed soup, either. Stay tuned.


Emily Suess said...

Seriously? A cabbage soup diet?!

Are you two on crack?

DesLily said...

cabbage soup is good.. and good for you.. but a diet of it?? that would rip the best of intestines!!

Anonymous said...

two write hands: Nope, it's not on the diet. Neither is either one of us now. ;) Actually, I am still "technically" on it.

deslily: It is really more of a vegetable soup that has a lot of cabbage in it. You can eat other things depending on the day. Today is vegetable day. Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

That's weird that you both felt bad... maybe some kind of adjusting period? Bummer she gave up... good luck with the dieting thing! I gave up on mine because I wasn't seeing any difference at all so I lost motivation, and it was getting too hard to keep the fridge stocked when I went back to uni :(

Stepping Over the Junk said...

try not doing the cabbage soup and just do soup in general...there are so many great also need a balance with protein and such, which is why all the trips to the bathroom and feeling like crap...soup in general is a great weight loss, even if you put in meat and other veggies and stuff with better flavor than cabbage! Chicken tortilla soup without the tortilla is awesome. As is split pea, tomato basil. Have it with a salad and you should feel good and lose weight (done by me). Despite my advice, I am laughing at this post!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff! I never rec'd your comment on "You don't ...Forrest". I always really appreciate your comments. Feel free to resend!


Jeff said...

kristarella: Diets sure can be hard and discouraging. After urging from my wife, I gave it up to last night. :( Now, I am going to try the "just use common sense" diet (that I am making up as I go along), and make sure I get enough exercise.

Stepping: I think I will incorporate soup into diet I just mentioned to kristarella. Thanks. It may be a while before I can stomach the idea of eating any kind of soup, though. ;)

Jeff said...

Stephanie: Well, at least that makes sense to me. The trouble is that is was a pretty long comment and I can't really remember it. Thanks for clearing that up. I was kind of weirded out. :) I may try again if I can get myself to think about it like I did.

Sayre said...

I think I could do the cabbage soup diet for a day... I like cabbage, but not enough to have it every day!

Your approach (the common sense diet) is much more sustainable.

I hope your wife isn't planning on freaking out over a few pounds - if you guys do get "in the family way", you can look forward to a nine-month freak-fest!