NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life:

News (or current events)
Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
Work (thoughts on the job or employer)
Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Family (or friends)
Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and
Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.


NEWS - Gas prices are lower than they have been, despite reports a few weeks ago that we should expect record highs. That is where they get us. They build a very bleak image of how bad it is going to be and then do the opposite so we feel fortunate. I saw that today I could get a regular gallon of gas for $2.59 and for a brief second I believed that things were good. Gas is still about a $1.00 per gallon overpriced, and when we do see the record highs in the near future, we will be somewhat desensitized to it due to these recent propaganda and pricing shenanigans.

ENTERTAINMENT - I haven't been too entertained recently. I entered the 20th century (yeah, that's right, 20th) by obtaining a regular XBox from my nephew. I tried to play a game a couple of times, but I haven't been able to get into it. I am an old, regular Nintendo guy that has a directional pad on one side and only TWO buttons on the other. I think that is all I can handle with any degree of expertise.

WORK - It is fine at the office now. The rough patch is over and will not gear up again until September. I like my job - especially in the calm periods.

SPIRIT - A number of things are happening on the spirit front. First, I remembered why I started a spiritual blog. Jaquandor, form Byzantium Shores gave me some interview questions in this post. A big chunk of that post concerned my spiritual life. However, nearly all of the comments skirted the spiritual questions which required the most thought from me. I must sound like a religious whacko to most of the 'Wit readers. They don't call me "Psycho" for nothing, I guess.
Additionally, I when I read Stephanie's comment on the last post below about my PersonalDNA, it touched me. She wrote, " 'Low Trust'. I understand, but it still breaks my heart." First I wanted to email her and tell her that her comment was a very "FRIEND -ly" thing to say and how much I appreciated that - it is funny how one realizes that he doesn't have as many friends as he used to since he got married. However, I got to thinking, "Is it bad that I do not trust?"
As divinity would have it, when I opened my morning devotion, it stated this:
"Jesus did not commit Himself unto them for He knew what was in man." John 2:24-25
. . . , but the disillusionment which comes from God brings us to the place where we see men and women as they really are, and yet there is no cynicism, we have no stinging, bitter things to say. Many of the cruel things in life spring from the fact that we suffer from illusions. We are not true to one another as facts; we are true only to our ideas of one another. Everything is either delightful and fine, or mean and dastardly, according to our idea.
The refusal to be disillusioned is the cause of much of the suffering in human life. It works in this way - if we love a human being and do not love God, we demand of him every perfection and every rectitude, and when we do not get it we become cruel and vindictive; we are demanding of a human being that which he or she cannot give. There is only one Being Who can satisfy the last aching abyss of the human heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Why Our Lord is apparently so severe regarding every human relationship is because He knows that every relationship not based on loyalty to Himself will end in disaster. Our Lord trusted no man, yet He was never suspicious, never bitter. Our Lord's confidence in God and in what His grace could do for any man, was so perfect that He despaired of no one. If our trust is placed in human beings, we shall end in despairing of everyone.
This is where I think I am or am striving to be. I don't say bad things about my wife who is causing me much hurt presently. She just confirms what I already know. People can't be trusted - not completely, anyway.
FAMILY - My family doesn't really know what to do for me. I feel sorry for them because I know what that helplessness feels like when you want to comfort someone but are powerless to do so. I pray that God eases their frustration in that area.
LOVE - Read "Spirit" above, because the second paragraph I think applies to my wife. I think that she demands perfection in me and our relationship. When she doesn't get it, no matter how hard I try, she becomes cold and uncaring. She sent me an email (she is still out of town) that explored how divorce MAY not be such a sin afterall. Whe wanted to know what I thought about it. I replied to her email thusly, "Dear (wife), I love you. Jeff"
ANXIETY - I am frustrated with myself right now because I have no motivation to do some things that I need to do. I bought some tools to work on my house (that I am still trying to sell), but haven't even taken them out of the car yet. My car is also dying a lot when I am driving. It makes getting to work on the highway a hazard. Sure could use that Jeep.
SPORTS - One of the players on my NFL team, the Bengals, was due to come off a year's suspension this past week, but was turned down by the commissioner. This stinks in many areas. For the player, Odell Thurman, he did everything he was asked to do during his suspension and is not getting rewarded for it. I can't recall anyone else ever getting this severe of a suspension for substance abuse. For the team, Thurman is a great player and only played one year (his rookie year). With him, the defense could improve enough to make a run for the title. Without him, I don't know. For me, I bought three Thurman jerseys on clearance. If he came back, they would be worth a pretty penny on Ebay.
HOME - I am having a hard time sleeping at my (our) house. The wife is gone and it is hard to be reminded of what is going on between us. Sleeping in the bed just reminds me that I am alone in it.


Emily Suess said...

hang in there, k?

Jeff said...

Two Write Hands: Absolutely.

And, hey, got my first spam feedback. Let's party.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my "Newsflash" for this week, too!

I am your friend, Jeff. I'm so sorry for the pain you are in.Take care to care for yourself, the rest will work itself out, as you know.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hang in there Jeff.
Else take a trip here.

goddessdivine said...

I love the old school Nintendo. That's the only one I play; all about the directional button and the A & B buttons on the other side.

Isn't it sad that $2 a gallon seems cheap now? Hate these gas prices.

Obinwanne said...

nice post bro....i always enjoy reading your're such a talented writer.....NEWSFLASH indeed....peace out

Shan said...

Ahhh damned, I'm going to jump straight to the point. Your Biblical comment about disillusionment is exactly what I am feeling. I am disillusioned with the female species and their abiliy to betray. I am disillusioned by the stark future that exists for me. I am disillusioned by the betrayals that may face me in the future....

I am tired, I am disillusioned by all the stories I hear about betrayal of trust, all the images, all the words... I am tired.... So if we don't trust and become totally cynical person, then will we avoid this?

It's truly a shame. I used to be idealistic but recent events has made me feel what you feel. People can not be trusted. Give your trust means preparing for betrayal. The only person you can trust is yourself and even that... But we must allow reason to overcome our heart at all costs.

Best wishes for your dilemmas...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been a bit slow in reading blogs lately. I'm gradually catching up, but I thought I'd skip ahead and see how things were going. Sorry I haven't commented much, but I suppose there isn't much I could say anyway.

I'm surprised your wife is still away, I'm sorry about the email she sent you. I'm glad that God has given you the strength to remain loving.
At these times I always think of marriage vows - people say "for better and for worse", but when the worse comes they're surprised that it's here. Even though things are worse, there must be hope for better, otherwise no one would ever be married...

God bless.