Got a Hammer?

I really think I will be blogging more relatively soon. Life is REALLY getting in the way. There is one problem right after another that just consumes my concentration. It isn't the deep blows it used to be when I was closer to the divorce, but it is still mind-consuming - therefore keeping me busy.

I had in mind today to do one of my fun-type posts. I had one in mind, but yet another obstacle robbed me of that mood. I am not in a terrible mood, just a distracted one. It is like the blog gods just don't want me to move forward with this.

This blog reminds me of a house that one saved up for and moved into. It was new and exciting at first with plenty of ideas to do fun things with it. I was going to take out that one wall in the back and make a huge game room. I was going to add flooring in the attic and make that workout room.

However, like time, business and conflicts do to house dreams, they also did to this blog. I look at it and think: forget the game room, I just need to get the dripping faucet fixed. Workout room in the attic? Look at those gutters barely hanging on. I have to clean them out and re-attach them. Yep, this puppy has run down. No wonder the neighbors don't come by much anymore.

So, as I am standing out front and looking at this run-down blog, I know that I have to get busy on it. I think I will, just not at the pace I wanted to. One day, though . . . . one day, I will get that game room. You just wait!


Sayre said...

I know how you feel. I had to give up on NaNo this year because real life is just a little too crazy this year. (I am keeping the story going - I just know I'm not going to make the 50,000 by the end of the month.) I don't think I'll get my life back until after the first of the year. Up until then? Hand me the valium!

Chris said...

Yeah, the neighborhood association is starting to complain about the condition of your blog and it's effect on local property values ;)

Hope things slow down for you soon, Jeff.

Michelle said...

Maybe you should create a new blog - one that doesn't remind you of the past. Don't zap this one - you wrote great stuff here, but maybe a new fresh place with no "baggage" would be good for you.

Charles said...

I still come by, its just I have alot of stuff happening right now. How is that project going that you wanted us to remind you about?

Charles said...

Hey Jeff just stopped in to see if you posted. Hope everything is alright, and that you will let us know your still kickin'.

Sayre said...

Thinking of you at Christmastime and hoping you're having a very merry one with your family!