I'm Back . . . at School

My name is Jeff and I am a slagger (blog slacker). Now that there is a new year and somewhat of a new me, I am going to give it another go. Things will hopefully be a little different this time around.

I have a few New Year's blog resolutions. One is that I am going to let my sense of humor flow more. I had lost my sense of humor for a while. However, I found it in the wall safe where my wedding picture was hanging. When she took the picture, she left my sense of humor intact. It was just a matter of finding it and reclaiming it. Thanks, dear.

I feel different these days. I laugh . . . a lot. I used to laugh some, but somehow deep in my soul I really knew it was a nervous laugh. The laugh of someone unsure about life, living, love and even laughter. The four l's . . . that wasn't intentional. I just love it when a plan comes together like that.

Are the goings on in my life better now than they were four or five months ago. Nope, not really. In some ways, they are worse. It just doesn't effect me like it used to. I know that a person is not the sum of his circumstances. He is the sum of his make-up. I was made up of rouge for far too long. Now my cheeks have the warm glows of yellows and golds. I hope everyone knows that this is an analogy.

Then there is providence. As God helps me heal and return to a normal guy, He also tells me things I need to know and insists on keeping me accountable. I am not a big fan of His methodology all the time, but I know how valuable it is for Him to keep tapping me as I start to feel a little cocky about healing.

For instance, last night I watched the movie "Hancock". It is really two stories. There is a scene in the first part that rattled my cage a little. It was God reminding me that although healing takes place, the scars will always be there. Scars are not to be ignored; that is why God puts them there forever. That scene and God's prompting will make me a better person.

Lessons . . . school is always in session. Excuse me while I make some spit balls and sharpen my pencils in order to stick them into the ceiling for this afternoon's festivities! Hey, lessons will still be learned, but I am still going to have my devious fun from time to time.


chosha said...

I know that a person is not the sum of his circumstances.


Charles said...

Are you trying to conduct acupuncture in the ceiling. LOL

I have to admit some of my "scars" do keep me humble, but some of them are also there though, because s&^% happens.

Jeff said...

Chosa: Yes, and that person can become so much more BECAUSE of his circumstances.

Charles: It is true that bad things happen in what appears just randomness. However, I believe there is a purpose in everything and even when "stuff" happens, we can be polished and proofed for the experience. Because of it, we can be more prepared for the future or even be able to help others for the trouble. For me, no bad thing happens in vain.

Jodi said...

Hey...welcome back. I just came back from a 2 month break myself. Glad you're feeling better.


Michelle said...

Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey slagger
I had a dream the other day and you were in it. You were getting yourself juice refils, one after the other. Very good juice, you were so pleased with it. It didn't cost you anything it was either on my expense or my party, same thing right. I am not so sure anymore. But it was nice seeing you ;)
P.S no more facebook for me.

Charles said...

Hey Jeff, was thinking about you so I decided to pop in and see if you posted. Hope you do eventually.