Thursday Thirteen #14 - Anniversary Edition

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of this blog. So, today starts year #2. I decided that in honor of that, I would use TT to highlight my favorite posts in this blog from the past year. This is MY favorites, not necessarily the best.

Before I get to that, I am also proud to announce that my new blog (the spiritual one) was launched yesterday. Quite by accident, both my blogs have the same anniversary date a year apart. What is pathetic is that I first started talking about writing a new blog way back in November. Well, better late than never.

Okay, the thirteen favorite blog entries over the past year (in no particular order):

1. Ode to My Mother, Part I and Ode to My Mother, Part II
These were important to me for obvious reasons. My mom is the best!

2. TT #5 - Random Childhood Memories
I like this one because it was writing. I don't know really how to explain that, but those of you who relish writing will know what I mean. I also liked the trip.

3. Self Examination
I liked this one because it was relevent. That was one thing I thought I was missing. Besides, it made a mermaid cry.

4. TT #4 - 2007 Predictions
I went out on a limb here and already I don't look too stupid - thanks to Anna Nicole Smith (RIP).

5. American Idol Judges Biased Against Christianity
This one has substance and I took a chance that some would think I was ridiculous. Fortunately, those that did kept it to themselves. :)

6. An Unlikely Meeting
I liked this because it was my hand at fiction. I think this was the only post of its kind on my blog. I should try something like this again.

7. Griffey
A sentimental favorite. I miss my buddy.

8. Christmas, Think About It
This was important to me. It is this kind of post that will find its way to my other blog.

9. Worn Out
I can't put my finger on it, but I just liked this one. It was satirical and I was able to vent a little. Or, maybe it was the picture I chose. :)

10. TT #13 - A Lost Art
I actually thought there was humor in this one and that was important to me at the time (and now).

11. This and That
I am not sure why I like this one either, but I do. Maybe because of the spontanaety of it.

12. Depression
This was a needed post. I felt that my entries were too fluffy at the time. Plus, this just needed to be addressed.

13. TT #7 - Celebrity Crushes
I liked this one because it set the record for the amount of feedback I got. Plus, it irritated Two Right Hands that I got so much feedback on a fluff piece. I also liked finding the pics of my old, out-of-reach flames.

I did notice that most of my favorites are pretty recent. Maybe I WAS just having a bad day the day I lamented my crappy blog.


Anonymous said...

Of course you were just having a bad day! It's great to assess what we contribute to blogdom, and - as you realized - your contribution is very valuable in myriad ways.

Lippy said...

I think this is a good list. A great advertisement for some good entries that I intend to come back and read more of

Cathy said...

Cool list! Being semi-new to your blog, I appreciate having references to the posts the writer considers favorites. I have some reading to do now!

Chris said...

You are setting a bad precedent doing the annual concurrent blog you have to start a third blog next year:)

My Blog

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

HEY! Blogger ate my comment from yesterday! (i just came back to check if you had replied to it and I notice my comment has been 'vaporized')

Anonymous said...

Epiphany: I haven't realized it yet, but I am looking for it. ;)

Jimmy: Thanks, if you (or anyone) has any comments on the old posts, I will respond to them.

Groovy Lady: Thanks. I hope you enjoy them.

Chris: I already have an idea for another one. ;) I doubt I have enough time to keep up with three, though. My other work would suffer. :)

Mermaid: I'm sorry. I didn't see any other except on the "Indulgence" post and on my other blog.

Emily Suess said...